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Technical Institution


N Alam Foundation aspires to set up at least one technical institution in each upazila. The course curriculum may be equivalent to those of Diploma courses prevalent in both government and private institutions in Bangladesh. Special preference may be given on mechanical and electrical domain which may be of three years course.

The retired government officials not below the rank of Deputy Secretary, Major, Superintendent of police and their equivalent may be appointed to those institutions as administrators, so that the vast efficiency and experiences earned by them while they were in services, may contribute a lot for running smooth administration. Those retired officials may be appointed as resource persons in all other institutions also. The selection criterion, module preparation and appointment of teachers and staff shall be determined in due course of time.

With her relentless strivings N Alam Group possesses a very sincere aspiration to render maximum benefits to the people, especially the hard up families with the best abilities and potentials she has. The year wise curriculum of the course shall be made according to the practical application of the subjects of the course for helping the learners procure jobs in the respective sectors. To this regard a close coordination shall be made with other government or non-government institutions of the same nature. The teachers of such institutions shall be selected on the basis of education and experiences. Teachers, who were outstandingly meritorious during their student life shall be the first criterion for selection. Experiences shall be treated as an additional qualification. N Alam Group is going to introduce semester’s system in the courses. For this, the prevalent systems of the renowned national and international institutes shall be reviewed intensively. A high quality experts of curriculum for technical studies shall be formed for the purpose. If need be, such experts may be sent to the renowned institution with a view to collect necessary information for formulating the curriculum.

One of the noble aspirations of N Alam Group is to appoint retired officials like Deputy Secretaries, Superintendent of Police, Ansar adjutants, and others like those for the sake of running a smooth and flawless administration inside the institution. N Alam Group expects that the overall standards including teaching, examinations and evaluations might be elevated to her expectation by appointing those experienced officials.

The curriculum shall also be made keeping in view the prospect of the learners. Curriculum shall be of such standard, so that the learners may have jobs immediately alter they attain the concerned certificates. Bangladesh is over-burdened with a large number of unemployed youths. If such a vast number of unemployed youths remains idle for a long time, it might have some negative impact on the society. Many of them may go astray like being addicted to drugs, snatching other’s goods habitually and some other offences.

N Alam Group, with a view to mitigate such odds from the society, is going to undertake a lot number of projects. Such project are aimed at the total benefits and well being of the vast mass of destitutes, unemployed persons and old people of the society.

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