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Rural Sanitation


The rate of sanitation coverage is, now-a–days, the yardstick of civilization in modern world. Sanitation covers both drinking of pure water and using hygienic latrines. Bangladesh is a densely populated country having a literacy rate of 65+%. The vast rural area has much less literacy rate than that in the urban areas. That vast mass living in the rural areas are mostly devoid of the primary knowledge on the need of drinking pure water and using hygienic latrines. They are also ignorant of the diseases that contaminate water and foods. The people of rural areas are mostly habituated to excrete beside roads, bushes, the banks of the ponds, rivers etc. which is a permanent problem of the society. As they are not aware of the evil effects of excreting anywhere, they, from long past are practicing such habits.

Under Rural Sanitation project, N Alam Foundation shall be undertaking projects and programs that seek for the general wellbeing of people and communities. This shall be materialized through undertaking projects on health infrastructure, water and sanitation.

Bangladesh faces multiple challenges in the sanitation, hygiene and water sectors. Though there are no reliable country wide data on hygienic practices, still it is estimated that about 30 million people are affected by arsenic contamination in drinking water. Besides awareness in the matters of sanitation leads the rural mass towards health hazards in many ways.

N Alam Foundation has been keenly observing the situation since long. How to solve these problems is now a prime objective of N Alam Foundation. Required number of projects shall be undertaken to this regard for the wellbeing of the vast mass of rural people.

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