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Rural Education


N Alam Foundation holds a notion that is quite benevolent, aspiring for the nation. It has in the mean time, undertaken a lot number of projects relating to other fields where exploration and execution is needed to promote Bangladesh to a maximum height.

A poverty-stricken Bangladesh has countless poor and helpless families living in both city and rural areas. The most striking factor is that since the independence of Bangladesh in 1971, many mega projects were undertaken but they could not bring optimum results. Though even today, such project are going on, a big numbers of children are still left behind who are totally deprived of their basic right especially education. It is an established fact that percentage of educated people in a country reflects position of that country in respect of overall development. Keeping in abeyance a large portion of deprived children, it is quite unrealistic and impossible to drag the country towards the level of an ideal one. .

Considering these things in view, N Alam Foundation will employ its best efforts to reach a solution of the problem. It also aspires to extend earnest cooperation to educate those deprived children thereby contributing significantly to the overall development of the nation. .

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