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Orphanage & Primary School


N Alam Foundation aims at setting up one orphanage and one primary school in each upazila of Bangladesh. Both the orphanage and the primary school shall be in the same premises side by side. The orphans as they attain the age of going to educational institutions for studies will be admitted to the primary school. The orphans both boys and girls shall be given an education that might help them stand on his/her own. The selection criterion and course curriculum shall be selected in due course of time.

In an orphanage the age of the orphans might vary from few months to above 10 years. During this period, they need proper guidance and care. Needless to mention that the need of parents can never be fulfilled by any others. Hence, N Alam Group shall try to train up the officers and staff of the orphanage in such a way and manner that the children may be groomed up in an ideal way to be in proper tracks. N Alam Group believes and maintains that all healthy children comes to this world with equal intellectual potentials. It is the environment that greatly influences their courses of thoughts and activities.

N Alam Group, therefore, shall initiate such steps by which each child shall grow up with all his dormant potentials. For the purpose, the officers and the staff of the orphanage shall be trained by the experts on child psychology, art of parenting and environmentalists. The disseminated ideas and information instructed by the experts shall bring some positive impacts upon the officers and staff of the orphanage to breed the young orphans in an acceptable way. Parenting of the children of the orphanage by their own parents is never possible. However, N Alam Group shall try its best to offer an environment to the orphans so that they might not feel that they are being brought up without the affection and love of their parents. A friendly environment shall be given to children of the orphanage. In respect of primary education, N Alam Group has, since long past, been contemplating over appointing trained and experienced teachers to the primary school segment of the institution. Here, retired but able government teachers shall get preferences for appointment. For evaluating the overall performance of such primary schools, monitoring cells at various levels shall be formed as per need. They shall have to mention the progress of various segments in a prescribed proforma supplied earlier to them. With a view to ensuring security measures of the inmates of the orphanage and primary school, competent persons from various disciplines shall be recruited. The infrastructures shall also be built on in such a way so that it can ensure optimum security for the inmates. Ensuring security is of primary need to us. Almost all kinds of medical facilities shall be provided to all inmates including the officers and staff, free of cost.

N Alam Group is ready to materialize its commitment for the sake of uplifting the total development of humanity.

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