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We are one of the Leading Garments Accessories Manufacturers & Supplier in Bangladesh. We've assembled some valuable ideas on how to go about opening an accessories business.

The daughter of our country is a hands-on merchandise artist. Products include labels, zippers, tags, tapes, thread, ribbon, buttons, rivets, laces, hooks, transfer film, paper, and ink. RMG accessory products used to be exported as deemed items. Accessories are an inexpensive way to expand your existing clothes; buyers tend to make smaller, more common purchase to refresh their wardrobes, especially in a tight economy. In addition, it would be noted there will be a 9 percent year-over-year rate of growth, which means a 9 percent increase in revenue or annual income from the last year to the next. However, before jump into industry, it's important to do our homework to improve the chances of a healthy and sustainable company. Companies should monitor the performance of other companies’ products, which are complementary to their own. Trends in complementary markets should be taken into account when making investment decisions. Once a net importer of garment accessories mainly from Hong Kong and China, Bangladesh is now a lucrative source of such items, with spiraling demand coming from international buyers of many garment-making nations, including the African ones.A new entrant making direct shipments to Chinese-dominated global markets, local manufacturers of Bangladesh have been exporting the integral parts of apparel items to Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, South Africa and Malaysia. Accessories like buttons, zippers, labels, price tags and washing instructions are used in making finished garment products. We are proud to possess the production buttons, zippers, buckles, snaps and rivets, etc. N ALAM Group is not positioned itself as manufacture of garment accessories; rather we are provider of supply chain solution in apparel industry with support of thousands of professional across various functional areas in its value chain. The global economy is currently enjoying a period of relatively strong growth and favorable conditions

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