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Bangladesh inspite of her relentless striving could not yet eliminate poverty completely, though a significant success has been achieved so far, still more than about twenty percent of her population is living below the poverty line. At one time about fifty percent of her population was under the poverty line. As per definition of poverty, it is not that much difficult to eliminate such poverty, if the government, business community, non-government organizations etc. strive sincerely with a dedicated heart to remove it from the society.

N Alam Group with its noble aspiration has been trying to explore since long past to identify the root causes of poverty in Bangladesh. It however, could successfully identify some root causes of poverty. Alongside with government, N Alam Group is now fully prepared to undertake outstanding and unprecedented projects for the purpose.The outline of the action plan may be:

a) From each district five hundred families shall be selected as stakeholders annually for ten years. Selection criteria of such families shall be formulated in due course of time. A strong committee shall be formed for selecting those families.

b) Each such family shall be given an amount of Taka one lac once for all. They shall be trained to use that money for income generating activities which are being traditionally cultivated from long past like making of ‘muri’ (dried puffed rice), cheera (roasted flat rice), cottage industries in small scales, establishing shops of groceries in small all scale etc.

A strong monitoring team shall be formed in each union parishad. Also upazila level committees and district level committees shall come into existence for monitoring and advising the stakeholders.

The number of stakeholders in one year would be 64 x 500 = 32000. In ten year’s project the number of stakeholders would rise to 32000 x 10 = 320000. Each stakeholder will be given a lump sum of 100000.00 BDT only. The stakeholders shall invest that money to make them economically solvent.

N Alam Group has been relentlessly striving to salvage those families who are undergoing troubles, wants and pangs from long past and are striving hard for survival. It is dedicated to the service of humanity. Giving benefits to such people is definitely a part of serving humanity and that is the mission of N Alam Group.

N Alam Group also urges other big business enterprises to undertake such benevolent projects. Many big enterprises are there, who are very much keen to pocketing the business profits without thinking of giving a small portion of the benefits to vast mass who are deprived to almost all the amenities of society.

Being an aspiring nation, all of us should have minimum sympathy towards the downtrodden as well as the poor.

However, a detailed description of the project will soon come to light as and when possible. N Alam Group always finds pleasure and satisfaction in doling the above mentioned amount of money for establishing those ill clad, ill fated families within an acceptable standard.

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