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Green Environment


An environment is all condition, circumstance etc. that surrounds and influences life on earth, including atmospheric condition, food chains and the water cycle.

The environment is our surrounding that includes living as well as non-living things. The non-living components like land, water, air, temperature etc. influence how animals, plants and we as human beings live in a particular area. Living creatures too are depended on each other for food, shelter etc. If any of the environmental elements change, it automatically becomes harder and sometimes fatal for living organisms like those to survive.

Atmosphere, climate as weather: There is a thin layer of different gases enveloping the earth that help in sustaining life, this mixture of gases in known as the Atmosphere. The ozone layer, the outermost layer of the atmosphere help in reflecting harmful ultra violet ways from the sun from reaching the earth. As the atmospheric pressure varies at different altitudes, so do the life forms that reside there.

No animal can live entirely on its own. For food an animal must eat either plants or other animals. A fish catches the beetle and later the fish may be caught and consumed by other animals. This is an example of food chain. The food chain is present universally, anywhere from a small pond to a huge rainforest. The food chain is a system where plants and animals of an area depend on each other to survive .Also, a food chain almost always begins with an animal eating a plant, and surely this proves the importance of the word “Green” when speaking of environment. A green environment is all around us.

N Alam Group, for these reasons, aims at enriching the environment by undertaking sufficient projects for planting the plants and trees. There are sufficient scopes of planting plants and trees in our country. The spaces around a pond or water body or river banks may be used for plantation. Still much virgin areas are there in Bangladesh.

In almost every homestead, specially in rural areas, huge quantity of land has been lying vacant, which the house masters do not use at all. Series of intensive motivational activities shall be undertaken by N Alam Group with a view to impelling the house lords for plantation of various kinds of herbs, fruit trees, varieties of vegetables in and around their homesteads. The adult inmates of the houses shall be trained for the purpose of disseminating knowledge on vegetables and herbs, so that they can consume those vegetables and herbs for the overall wellness of their health. The importance and environmental friendliness of orchards and nurseries shall be disseminated to such house lords, so that they feel encouraged for plantation in orchards and nurseries as well.

Recently a lot number of nurseries and orchards have been setup in almost all the areas of Bangladesh. If any house lord intends to buy any number of plants and herbs to be planted in or around their homesteads, he can easily avail that.

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