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Corporate Social Responsibilities

The slum dwellers are found in almost all areas of Bangladesh both in urban and rural areas. The women’s in slum areas are the victims of many diseases as well as incongenial circumstances. The untimely deaths of the slum women for various reasons are on an increase with the course of time. Death during delivery in slum areas is prevalent in a massive way. The basic knowledge on such matters is the primary need to resist such untimely death. N Alam Group is therefore, brooding over mitigating such deaths caused by ignorance and other factors. As such, it is committed to disseminate the knowledge of how to have ideas regarding the maintenances of good health. A sound knowledge on maintaining a sound health can dispel such chances of untimely deaths and other health hazards. For such purposes N Alam Group is ready to undertake required number of projects for the wellbeing of women living in slum areas. The women in the slum areas are the victims of negligence by their husbands and other relations. N Alam Group is therefore, committed to mitigate the sufferings of women in the slum areas at any cost, by undertaking required number of farsighted projects for the purpose.

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