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Home for the Old Persons

The spirit of this project is an astounding one which might stir the benevolent conscience of persons who think over the wellness of the helpless poor citizens of the country. The founder of N Alam Foundation is such type of a man who always desires to see every destitute and poor person living happily having a sound health. Persons become destitute or helpless for various reasons. One of the reasons is the forsaking the old member especially the parents by the able as well as earning sons or daughters of the family. The numbers of such parents abandoned by their sons or daughters are on an increase in Bangladesh. Those abandoned and forsaken parents do not have any sources of income. They pass secluded lives uncared and unattached. Keeping this in view, the founder of N Alam Foundation has been dreaming of as well as committed to setting up an ideal home for old persons who are the victims of abandonment in the family or society. Moreover, there will be an increase in the elderly population across the world in the next couple of decades. Like the western countries, soon the countries like Bangladesh will be facing the increased demand for services for its elder population. Bangladesh, like most other developing nations lacks adequate public program such as social security that serves all elders who meet the age criteria. Bangladesh has some public programs for elders based on financial needs, but these programs are so limited in terms of resource capacity that they serve only a tiny proportion of those who actually qualify. This situation is even getting worse as the traditional family for elders in diminishing. N Alam Foundation, therefore seeks keen interests in mitigating such sufferings of increasing elderly people. For the purpose, it has decided to undertake a benevolent project.

The project includes a quantity of land which may not be less than one hundred acres. A multistoried building accommodating at least ten thousand inmates shall be built with all possible amenities to lead healthy life. A hospital of proportionate size shall be set up with as par as possible, modern equipments and medical facilities. Few ponds shall be made within that area for cultivating fish which shall be catered among the inmates. Besides, some patches of land may be used for cultivating paddy, vegetables, wheat and fruit bearing trees and plants. Those will be produced primarily for feeding the inmates and the surplus portion may be sold in the market. The sale proceeds of such commodities shall be treated as the income that shall be spent for wellbeing of the inmates.

N Alam Group shall also make a survey of the inmates of such old home for finding out from amongst the inmates the persons who are still able to give labor. Such persons shall be employed in various kinds of chores and activities as per their abilities. This will make them pass time amid different small activities ultimately helping them longer life with sound health.

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