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Modern Hospital project

In every developed country, the sector of public health is given topmost priority. The vast mass of people in Bangladesh drastically lacks the required number of physicians. There are a number of reasons for this. One of the reasons is that the doctors are not willing that much to serve in the rural areas including district levels. For this the people in remote rural areas are being deprived from one of their basic rights i.e., having medical facilities.

The authority of N Alam Group is much keen to mitigate the sufferings of those deprived people by taking a number steps. For this N Alam Group is committed to set up at least one hospital in each district with sufficient doctors, staff, technical personnel and other related things .N Alam Group is also committed to subsidize sufficiently is procuring medicine and other requires medical accessories by the patients. In fact it wants to lessen the total treatment cost of the patient to a particular level. N Alam Group, therefore, is aspirant to dedicate itself to the services of humanity.

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