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Agricultural Development


N Alam Group aims at adding a significant portion of development to the agriculture sector nationally. By this time, in Bangladesh, the development of agriculture has reached a level beyond our conception. At present, the quantity of production of food grain like paddy, wheat etc. has gone up to a level which is about four times of production that we had during the pre-independence period. Now, Bangladesh, since immediate past, has started exporting rice in the international markets. The more we shall produce rice, the more we can export. Such exports might contribute to our overall growth and development. N Alam Group, therefore, aspires to undertake required number of projects to develop our agriculture sector to a maximum height.

With the advancement of agriculture, many changes are taking place. The old system of ploughing, planting, are also being changed. There was a time, not much ago, when the farmers used to sow the seeds of a single crop in a patch of land. But with the course of time, it has proved more profitable to sow the seeds of a number of crops at a time in the same land. It helps farmers procure varieties of crops from the same patch of land within a specified period. These new devices are being cultivated in many countries and even in small scale in our country. This social cropping is going to be more popular than traditional cropping of varieties. In this era of globalization, development in agriculture sector is as important as other sectors like industrialization, making of infrastructure, tourism, garments etc. .

When farmers grow more food and earn more income, they are better able to feed their families, send their children to school, provide for their family’s health and invest in their farms. This makes their communities economically stronger and more stable. .

Helping farmers improve their yields requires a comprehensive approach that includes the use of seeds that are more resistant to diseases, drought and flooding; information from trusted local sources about more productive farming techniques and technologies; greater access to markets; and government policies that serve the interests of farming families. .

Agricultural development must also address gender disparities. Women are in most areas, vital contributors to farm work, but because they have less access to improved seeds, better techniques and technologies, and markets, yields on their plots are typically 20 to 40 percent lower than on plots farmed by men. .

Bangladesh has still a considerable quantity of virgin lands worth cultivation in hilly areas, coastal belts etc. Besides, a great number of roof tops are still lying unused. In the small scales, such roof tops may be used as family gardens for producing varieties of vegetables, fruits and spicy plants. For this purpose motivational activities shall be undertaken by N Alam group at almost all the residential areas both at towns and villages. The owners as well as residents should be motivated to create gardens of vegetables, fruits and spices. N Alam Group shall try its best to implement such programs for the overall benefits of the dwellers both in town areas and in rural areas. .

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